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Do You Have a Warehouse? If So, You Need Walkie Talkies

Do You Have a Warehouse? If So, You Need Walkie Talkies

If time is money, then it's important to equip the team behind that time with the right equipment to be efficient. Efficiency saves time and good communications drive efficiency.

If you run a warehouse, you know that things can go sideways quickly. When communication falls though, shipments get backed up, safety can become compromised and molehills can become mountains. The best way to combat those potential failures is by investing in a good set of walkie talkies for your warehouse.

Let's walk through some of the benefits to adding arguably the most important warehouse management system for your business:

  • Real-time: One-button is all it takes for instant voice communications. How many times have you not heard about a problem from an employee until the end of their shift. They didn't want to leave the production line and there was something hindering them from being as effective as possible. That real time communication allows you to solve those problems before they cause a day of down production.
  • Many to One or One to One: With a FRS 2-way network, a single person can call as many people as needed at the same time with the push of one button – Imagine that level of efficiency next time you try to set up a conference call at work.
  • Hands Free: Many options are hands free with rechargeable batteries. Having been on the distribution center floor working with our order fulfillment team we know first hand how an extra set of hands could come in handy. Since that is not an option outfit your team with a set of hands free walkie talkies so live their most efficient lives at work.

Now that we know benefits, let's talk about some of the features needed for a warehouse and what they mean:

  • Indoors or Outdoors, Does it Matter? 

    For a warehousing you should go with choose UHF radios. UHF radio waves can carry between rooms and penetrate steel, concrete and wood structures. They’re also the best choice high performance indoors and outdoors.

    Some top performing UHF two way radios with plenty of power include Cobra's Pro Business series, which can be found in 1 or 2 watt applications and up to 22 channels. These radios have an indoor range of up to 250,000 square feet or 20 floors.

  • Size Versus Power: Bigger isn't always better and an option for small and powerful 2-way radios is to go digital. Dewalt's DXFRS Series radios are small and lightweight, yet they have enough range to handle even the largest fulfillment warehouses at 250,000 Square feet. These digital radios do not require an FCC license to operate, which is a big cost savings for businesses. Additionally, they provide the flexibility to speak to groups of people or have personal conversations as with a cell phone.



So whether you're storing goods in a massive distribution center, a storage facility or small warehouse trying to keep constant communications throughout your supply chain and inventory management process, Acme Radios has options that can fulfill your business needs with free shipping on any order over $100 dollars. Give us a call, email, or sent us a chat and we can help to find the best option for you're warehouse.

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