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Radio Trade-In FAQ

Why should I take advantage of this program?

Communication is the backbone to every operation, so it's critical your team has the best radio equipment that you know you can depend on.  With nearly 100 years of experience in making high quality and reliable tools, DEWALT has you covered.  We are so confident in the capabilities of the DEWALT business radio collection that we are making it easier than ever for you to get equipped with a brand new top-of-the-line communication solution.  Not only will you get all the perks of a new FRS radio, free from any licensing requirements, but we are also making it easy on your budget by letting you completely trade in your current equipment for only a marginal processing fee.


How does the program work?

The process is very simple.  First, you’ll need to fill out our application form and attach details such as item number, age, condition, and quantity for the UHF or DMR radios that you’d like to trade in.  Once we have confirmation of your radio model numbers, we will create an order in our system to send out the same amount of brand new DEWALT DXFRS800 business radios and provide you with the necessary inbound shipping labels for you to send your old radios in to us.  Upon receipt of your radios we will reimburse you the full amount of the order less a $30 processing fee per unit.


What is the DEWALT DXFRS800?

The DEWALT DXFRS800 is a 2 watt FRS business radio perfectly designed for both short and long range commercial applications.  Featuring 22 preset channels, voice activated transmission, and power saver circuitry all built inside an ultra durable IP67 rated dust and waterproof assembly.  Click here to learn more about the DEWALT DXFRS800 Business Radio.


How much does the trade-in program cost?

We only require a $30 fee per unit which covers all shipping and processing.


Can I trade in any radio?

Only UHF or DMR radios that are complete and in working condition are eligible for our trade-in program.


How old can my radios be?

Radios must be less than 3 years old


What condition do my radios have to be in?

Radios must be in working condition, complete with all parts and accessories.  We cannot accept radios that are missing parts or heavily damaged.


Do you require any proof of purchase or documentation?

No proof of purchase is required, but we do need verification of model number which will take place after we contact you.


What if my radios aren’t all the same?

All radios must meet our eligibility requirements but it doesn’t matter if you want to trade in a mix of models.


Summary of requirements for trade in:

  • UHF or DMR Business Radio

  • Good working condition (no missing/broken components)

  • 3 years old or newer


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Still have questions about the program?

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