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Increase student and staff safety while increasing team productivity
Schools are increasingly challenged to do more with fewer resources while protecting students, staff, and assets. For nearly 40 years, BearCom has worked with school districts and institutions of higher education to provide next-generation wireless solutions that improve safety, security, and efficiency. Our voice, video, and data solutions help connect administrators, teachers, faculty, and other staff members to enhance campus safety and improve team performance.



Improve customer service and overall guest experience
No business runs successfully without constant communication, especially in the hospitality industry. BearCom’s voice, video, and data solutions deliver added security and team connectivity, while helping your staff deliver the finest guest experience possible. From booking rooms and greeting guests to managing housekeeping and maintenance to running special events and securing the premises, hotels and resorts require a steady stream of contact between departments. Our solutions help keep your team connected every day, every time. 



Optimize coverage and security across one site or many
To help address challenges in property management environments, BearCom offers voice communication and video surveillance solutions that increase efficiency and keep people and property more secure. From large-scale apartment complexes to corporate office campuses to small churches and recreational facilities, BearCom has wireless solutions that keep building managers, maintenance crews, and security personnel connected to improve operations and save money.


Mining, Oil & Gas

Communication and surveillance solutions add productivity and safety
Refineries and petrochemical plants depend on mission-critical communications for efficiency, but more importantly for safety. With harsh environments and flammable materials, instant work team connectivity can prevent accidents and save lives. In addition, the right video solutions can document workplace compliance and help identify safety issues and leaks sooner for faster resolution. At BearCom, we partner with trusted technology leaders to deliver best-in-class solutions for two-way radios, unified team communications, advanced video surveillance systems, and more.


Public Works & Utilities

Better coordination improves safety, optimizes production, and minimizes costs
Whether workers are out in the field or inside the plant and home office, staying in contact with each other enhances safety, protects property, and saves time. You can trust BearCom to provide the right voice, video, and data equipment, services, and networking solutions for utility plants, nuclear facilities, water districts, and other utilities; as well as parks and recreation, roads and streets, sanitation, and other public works departments. BearCom specializes in fleet vehicle upfitting



Collaborate with surgical precision for better patient outcomes
BearCom currently serves some of the largest healthcare complexes in North America with digital wireless communication systems. Our solutions give care professionals the tools they need to relay clear, consistent, and effective information to save precious seconds when they are needed most. BearCom also provides surveillance solutions that improve safety and security across hospital campuses. Plus, we offer easy-to-use, data-driven asset management technologies that help safeguard patient health, improve operations, and meet compliance regulations. 



Stay on schedule while increasing safety and security
Increasing productivity, enhancing safety and improving security are cornerstones to success in the construction industry. BearCom partners with top manufacturers to offer durable and reliable solutions built to improve communication and teamwork. BearCom delivers systems that enable one-to-one, one-to-many, group, and even mobile communications. Plus, we offer video surveillance solutions to keep workers safer and job sites more secure.


Logistics & Transportation

Stay organized, connected, and mobile with less downtime
Communication and coordination is critical to operate your transportation services successfully, safely, and efficiently. Whether you’re in the airline and rail industry, delivery, towing, or any mobile services business, BearCom can enhance your performance and productivity. Keep your work team connected, improve your fleet management program, and optimize operations across your service region with the perfect wireless solutions from BearCom – including portable and mobile two-way radios. 



Communication and connectivity solutions keep your business thriving
BearCom offers solutions that reduce downtime, increase productivity, and enhance safety across manufacturing plants and distribution centers. Our integrated technologies help optimize Six Sigma, IoT, M2M, SCADA, and other lean manufacturing processes to increase throughput while keeping workers and facilities more secure. BearCom delivers deep levels of expertise deploying proven voice, video, and data technologies that keep your work teams engaged and your production lines operating at peak performance. 


Retail & Commerce

Reduce loss and shrinkage, improve customer experience
Without proper communication, routine tasks such as price checks, suspicious behavior alerts, and clean-ups take more time. BearCom works side-by-side with many of the country’s largest retailers to provide proven communication strategies that increase staff efficiency which improves loss prevention programs, boosts customer service, and increases safety. BearCom also offers advanced asset management solutions that raise inventory tracking and management to a new level of accuracy. 


Event Managment

Rental communication solutions increase success and improve safety
Professionals who organize successful events know that instant communication improves safety, keeps staff organized and enhances service levels. BearCom offers two-way radios, push-to-talk phones, or a combination of both, to boost team engagement, speed emergency response, improve crowd control, and streamline operations. BearCom serves many of the largest events in North America with a rental fleet of more than 50,000 devices. 


Warehouse & Distribution

Remove communication complexities to improve efficiency and customer service
Without the right communication tools coordinating your teams and pivoting strategies becomes a detrimental hassle. ACME Radios provide proven communication solutions that increase team cohesion which improves operational efficiency, boosts customer service, and increases overall safety.